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As an addition to our range or personal equipment carriers, we are now an authorised retailer of LED Lenser torches and flashlights. LED Lenser Torches represents the very best available equipment for professionals with its extensive range of sizes and technologies - from general flashlights to precision torches, the LED Lenser range has the solution.

Torches Sub-Categories:
Heavy Duty Torches & Flashlights Heavy-Duty Flashlights
These are some of the brightest flashlights available for some of your hardest and darkest, or most tactical jobs.
Full Size Torches & Flashlights Full size Flashlights
Our full-size flashlights are the perfect combination of performance and size.
Pocket Size Torches Pocket size flashlights
Our pocket-size flashlights lend themselves perfectly to everyday-carry because of their handy, compact size.
Keychain Torches Keychain Torches
With many manufacturers, "keychain" lights seem to be a gimmick. Not so with LED Lenser LED mini torches.
Rechargeable Torches Rechargeable Torches
LED Lenser rechargeable flashlights are also some of the brightest flashlights you can buy.
Head Torches Head Torches
When you want to go hands-free, nothing beats a powerful LED headlamp.